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      Tire mold
      Track mold
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      INTERNATION E-mail:hebill@tyremould.com
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         CNC workshop



      EDM machine

      Used for tire pattern processing

      With the mold batch processing capacity



      CNC lathe

      Using Siemens 802D control system

      The maximum processing diameter of up to 2500mm high precision machining

      I plant for the processing of tire mold cavity surface

      To achieve the ideal size accuracy and surface quality



      CNC sleeper

      For the processing of tire mold steel ring

      Maximum processing diameter of 550mm

      Greatly improving the mold with the accuracy of the ring


      CNC cutting plotter

      With a dedicated tire mold lettering system, lettering high precision, smooth and uniform surface of the font.



      Five - axis linkage processing center

      Italy introduced the five-axis five-linkage high-speed milling

      Heart, the maximum speed of 36,000 r / min, for

      Aluminum mold die processing.





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